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Our Crawl Space Encapsulation systems improve the conditions in your Home or Cottage!

Water and moisture issues

Musty, moldy smell

Mold and indoor air quality problems

Cold floors and Frozen pipes

Sagging Floors

Rodent and insect problems

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation

If a homeowner is discovering that their energy bills are elevated and their house never feels as though it is the appropriate temperature, then they might be in need of some improved insulation - spray foam insulation

​Crawl space encapsulation is the CURE for damp crawl spaces!

Save 15-20% on Energy costs

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Excessive moisture from unconditioned crawlspaces can lead to mold and poor air quality!

Fix My Crawl llc was recently contracted to resolve an ongoing water/moisture problem on a lake front home in Fenton Michigan. After the customer had to battle with mold, as a result of the ongoing moisture problem, they became more aware of how harmful leaving a moisture problem unchecked could be. After researching both the problem(mold)and the cause(moisture). This informed customer found that crawl space encapsulation was the proper solution for protecting their home from the excessive moisture.  Upon our inspection it was determined that a conditioned crawl space was indeed the best solution for this customer. After explaining that the difference between a crawl space encapsulation and a conditioned crawl space, being the presence of supply air ducts to condition the air in the crawl space coupled with a properly sealed HydroLoc(TM) vapor barrier. This customer wisely chose to have their crawl space transformed by Fix My Crawl llc.

As part of a proper installation, we installed a complete ground water control system. Some homes can pose some unique challenges with water management due to their proximity to water and often having silty soil. This combination can make it a regular occurrence for the crawl space to have standing water in it as lake levels fluctuate, as well as common grading and run off water collecting there. These systems are tailored to the site conditions we install them in. This customer no longer has to worry about a standing water problem due to the proper installation of the drainage system and a water alarm that will warn of any sump pump problems prior to any negative consequences.

In addition to the clean, dry and conditioned crawl space this customer will also benefit from dramatically improved air quality, warmer floors and a 15% reduction in their energy costs. The decision to have a crawl space encapsulation system installed is less costly than deciding to put it off. To see how Fix My Crawl llc can help you resolve your crawl space problems please call our office 248.308.3334 or contact us through this site.

We can make that musty smell go away for good

We specialize in crawl space encapsulation!

Fix My Crawl specializes in crawlspace encapsulation, also know as a conditioned crawl space, and waterproofing.  Our Main focus is on customer service and supplying solutions that work at fair prices.  We have helped hundreds of customers solve their crawl space, basement and foundation issues. Handling the sales process without the aide of incentivized sales people ensures that our customers are getting the most accurate and honest quote possible. We are a recognized leader in the air sealing and encapsulation industry and have been helping our customers solve their crawl space and waterproofing problems for 6 years. We are committed to delivering the highest quality products and services to all of Michigan.

Modular Crawlspace Access Well

Modular Crawlspace Access Window Well

This well offered by FMC features a modular system that allows individual parts to stack on top of each other, to increase the depth of the access well. The base module is 21" deep by itself, and additional modules add 15 3/8" to the depth of the well.

Crawl space encapsulation, or conditioned crawl space, is a term that is commonly used to describe the process of cleaning and improving the conditions that exist in a home with a crawl space foundation. The term is often used in a generic sense, many companies just throw a piece of cheap plastic on the floor and call it an encapsulation. Most often the attempts that are made to address crawl space problems end up falling short due to treating the symptoms,  rather than correcting the actual cause of the problem.  True crawl space encapsulation entails several steps to ensure that the common crawl space “faults and deficiencies” are actually corrected. 

A true Crawl Space  Encapsulation MUST address the actual cause of the problems that exist in the particular crawl space in question. All contaminated insulation and debris must be removed. If a standing water or high water table exists,  a proper drainage system and Sump Pump System is required to control the water.  To have a truly Encapsulated Crawl,  it is necessary install a FMC Waterproofing crawl space encapsulation system. The high quality 20 mil American made vapor barrier MUST be sealed to the foundation walls, the outside vents closed permanently, and the Rim joists properly insulated. After all of these steps have been taken,  it is sometimes necessary to install a properly sized crawl space dehumidifier to remove any remaining excessive moisture. With every FMC Waterproofing crawl space encapsulation system that Fix My Crawl LLC installs, we supply a hygrometer so that our customers can measure the results prior to any dehumidifier recommendations. Just look at the before and after photos below!  Our work speaks for itself!

For more information on how crawl space encapsulation can improve the indoor air quality of your home, please give us a call- 248-308-3334