Dual Pump Pack Sump Pump Basin


Sump pump basin includes an airtight lid perfect for keeping out debris and preventing water from evaporating into the basement. The Dual Pump Pack™ basin is capable of housing a primary pump, back-up system, and also a secondary 1/2 horsepower sump pump to aid the primary pump in the event of failure.

Sump Pumps

Sump Pump With Battery Back Up

FMC waterproofing carries a full line of sump pumps of all styles and potential applications. A sump pump is designed to be the final step in a basement waterproofing system. Once all the water has been directed from the collection system in to the sump pit, the sump pump will then turn on and pump the water outside of your home. There are different styles and types of pumps but they all function to remove water from the sump pit.

FMC is Metro areas Exclusive Dealer !

NoWater  System


The NoWater System is revolutionary and superior to any other system on the market today. It is a permanent solution to any water problem in a basement. It is a uniquely different system in that it is a collection system rather than a movement system, much like the way a gutter works. It is a sealed system that does not allow water to get out by any means aside from the sump pump system. It is also a sealed system to prevent any type of leaks including Radon.

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